The Hawaiian Sharwil Avocado

Originally from Australia, the Sharwil is considered one of the world’s best tasting avocado. Its very high oil content gives a smooth creamy texture and delicious rich taste. It stays green when ripe, has a small seed, doesn’t brown easily when cut, and is easy to peel.


It was first grown by Frank Sharp on his farm at Mount Tamborine near Brisbane, Australia in the early 1950’s, and was prized for its for excellent flavor, small seed, and good marketability. Frank Sharp worked with his neighbor Jim Wilson to commercialize the new variety and together they named it the Sharwil. It was introduced to Hawaii in the 1960’s and has since become the main commercial variety grown here. It is perfectly suited to our sub-tropical climate and rich, well drained, volcanic soils.


Exports of Sharwil to Alaska and the U.S. mainland began in the late 1980’s but ceased in 1993 due to concerns over oriental fruit fly. The USDA approved a new systems protocol in 2013 and the shipment of Sharwils resumed to the mainland in 2018 after a 25 year break.


At Kane Plantation Avocados we hand-grade, label and pack in 2 layer 25 lb cartons. 30 lb loose cartons, and 2.5 lb bags, sizes 60 to 20. We ship number 1 and number 2 grade organic and conventional Sharwils to our customers in Hawaii and beyond within a few days of harvest from our own farm and our partner farms on the west side of Hawaii Island. West Hawaii Island avocados are sustainably grown using natural rainfall, without the use of irrigation.